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Meeting change for July 20

Due to a death in the family, Michael John Foster will be unable to join us June 20. We hope to reschedule his talk for another month.

We will still meet, and Kristen Stieffel will present a seminar called “How to give a useful critique.” These tips will help you whether you join a critique group that meets in person or participate in ACFW’s Scribes program. Participants will learn:

  • What a good crit group looks like
  • Tactful phrasing to soften a hard critique
  • What kind of advice doesn’t belong in a critique

Please join us on Saturday, and please keep the Foster family in your prayers.



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3 thoughts on “Meeting change for July 20

  1. Donna Fenton

    Just joined ACFW and saw the link for the Florida Chapter. I have explored your website but would like some more information about how your monthly meetings work and how I can get involved. Thanks much….

    1. Kristen Stieffel Post author

      Hi, Donna — Thanks for stopping by. Our monthly meetings begin at noon with a brown-bag lunch and a brief business meeting. Then we have a seminar or workshop, often presented by one of our members, but we like to bring in guest speakers also. We also use this time for fellowship and sharing our “brags.” We look forward to seeing you!

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