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What Does Theater Have to do With Novel Writing? Find Out at Our October Meeting

Note: Michael John Foster was originally scheduled to speak at our July meeting but had to reschedule due to a death in the family. Please keep the family in your prayers at this tender time.

“The concept of a scene in fiction comes from theater, where it describes the action that takes place in a single setting.” (Wikipedia)  Multi-published author Fay Lamb says, “I always think of my scenes in line with a camera lens.”

MikeJoin us on October 19 for an interactive workshop with Michael John Foster, a theater professional who’s had years of experience directing actors and singers, as well as coaching and teaching. Mike recently received his PhD from the University of Illinois. He is currently an equity performer at Disney, acting coach at The Event: Orlando, and adjunct professor at Rollins College. 

Mike describes his presentation: “In a workshop atmosphere, we’ll talk about the methods that an actor takes to prepare a role and then break into groups where each participant will receive a script, take a few moments to rehearse it, and then perform the scene together. Along the way, I’ll offer some insight regarding how to make the performance more believable just as the director would in a real rehearsal process.”

In understanding this process, novelists will learn ways to improve their action scenes.

This promises to be a fun, interesting, and informative workshop. Please make plans to attend Saturday, October 19, 2013,  noon, at Calvary Chapel Lighthouse, 600 North HWY 17-92, Longwood, FL. The church is located in Fairmont Plaza.




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