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Social Media Synergy: Marketing with Ease

bethany-jettWe’ve been given a gift. No matter where we live in the world, we can connect with like-minded thinkers, make new friends, and establish relationships. What authors of years past would have given for this opportunity!

However, social media is often used selfishly. If the goal is JUST to sell books, you’ll lose every time. Instead, social media used with the reader or audience in mind is not only more effective, but allows you to strategically get in front of your ideal customers, clients, and readers while building a strong platform.

Our October 15 meeting will feature a fast-paced workshop led by Bethany Jett, a freelance editor and author of The Cinderella Rule. She’ll cover the best practices for Facebook, Twitter, and Facebook Live, show us how to use Pinterest as a search engine, as well as demonstrate how to create a simple funnel system to build your e-mail list and strengthen community with your audience and readers. When your readers love you, they’ll market for you.

Bethany encourages everyone to have, at the minimum, a presence (no matter how big or small) across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and MailChimp or another e-mail management system.

See the Calendar page for meeting details.

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