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Two members awarded OakTara contracts

Will Ramirez and Kristen Stieffel both got contracts from OakTara.

Will was contracted for his epic fantasy novel, the first book in his Godslayer series. Kristen got a four-book contract for her lite fantasy series The Prophet’s Chronicle, the first book of which is Alara’s Call.

Both writers met their editor, Ramona Tucker, at the Florida Christian Writers Conference, which demonstrates the importance of attending conferences to moving forward in our careers.

Will Ramirez

Will Ramirez

Kristen Stieffel

Kristen Stieffel

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3 thoughts on “Two members awarded OakTara contracts

  1. Ron Glick

    I use the term “copyright” too loosely to encompass intellectual property law, since the actual violation is one of trademark. Trademarks and service marks are words, phrases, designs, sounds or symbols that identify a unique product or service. Trademark is established by the first commercial use of the identifying mark. In this case, when I published the Godslayer Cycle in 2011, this trademark became unique and identifying as a series of novels, specifically fantasy. For anyone else to use this trademark infringes upon my rights.

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