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August: Prepare for Conference

Our August 16 meeting features two speakers ready to prepare you for conference. First, Eva Marie Everson, a bestselling author and an editor with Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas, will hold an “Ask The Editor” session, where you can learn all about how editors read and what they are looking for. Next, Tez Brooks, author of the upcoming Single Dad Detour, will offer pointers on pitching and lead a workshop wherein you can practice your pitches live.

Eva Marie Everson tez brooks
Eva Marie Everson Tez Brooks

The meeting will start at 9 a.m. August 16 and will run until about noon, after which we’ll go to lunch at a nearby restaurant. If you’ve never attended one of our meetings before, this is a great time to come and meet everyone!

PLEASE NOTE we have a new meeting location: Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church, 1655 Peel Avenue in Orlando. We’ll meet in the conference room on the ground floor of Smith Hall, the education building, which is to the left of the sanctuary as you enter the campus. Enter the building from the parking lot through the back door, and the conference room is the first door on the right.

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