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American Police Hall of Fame and Museum Field Trip

    Police Hall of Fame

Over eight thousand names of fallen police officers from all over the United States are inscribed on the memorial walls, and one couldn’t escape the sense of awe and overwhelming sadness gazing upon pictures, flowers and trinkets placed at the base of the walls by loved ones and friends. Adjacent to the memorial room is a peaceful chapel, beckoning those seeking solace.

 Police cars exhibit                1948 police car

Retired police cars and motorcycles provide a glimpse into past transportation. There is a modern police Segway used in larger cities on display.

Guillotine    Restraint chair  DSCN1716

Among the relics of police history are a jail cell, dungeon, guillotine, restraining chair, gas chamber, electric chair, stocks, ball and chain, a display of guns, rifles, shotguns and tear gas guns, clubs and billy sticks, to name a few.

DSCN1723  DSCN1722  Drugs exhibit

Peering into the Wild West exhibit, one sees newspaper clippings and other artifacts describing some of the most infamous characters of that day. A noose encased in a cabinet is a somber reminder of the ultimate penalty paid for serious crimes.

One section featured the most notorious criminals and another displayed information about the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted.

DSCN1710                  Bill & Dorothy                  Kristen & Allison

Of course, the best part about the trip was the face-to-face contact and fellowship with other writers.

For more information about the American Police Hall of Fame and Museum, go to:



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