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ACFW opens Fiction Finder to indie authors

Inclusion in ACFW’s Fiction Finder is now available to independently published Christian fiction that fits with CBA standards. An “Independent Author” option has been added to the form one fills out when submitting a book to the site. All books added to Fiction Finder will include the following agreement statement:

By checking this box, I certify that the book I am uploading adheres to ACFW’s policy of stories written from a Christian worldview; specifically, the book should not contain profanity, graphic sex, gratuitous violence, or other objectionable material and must otherwise conform to generally accepted standards of the CBA.

Authors are asked to fill out the information about their books as completely as possible. The more information, the more valuable the site is to prospective readers, book clubs, retailers, and libraries.

If you’re not familiar with Fiction Finder, check it out. It’s designed to connect readers to books they’ll love.

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